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Kinderführung: Towers, gates, walls for kids of age 6 and up


They can be seen from afar: towers, gates and fortresses. Their design and form is diverse: round, half-round, angular, and crooked. You can then reach the various towers by walking along the city walls, or you can climb the stairs and view our town's landmark from a height. You will be thrilled by the fascinating story of the towers, gates and walls of Solothurn.

Conditions / extras

For kids of age 6 and up. Children up to 16 years for free.

Members of Region Solothurn Tourism (on presentation of their member ID) and children up to 16 years of age will receive a CHF 10 discount on all tours for individual guests.





3.30 pm


1.5 hours

Meeting Point

Gate Baseltor outer side

Getting there

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